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Terms & Conditions

We aim for your holiday experience to be peaceful and tranquil. 

These Terms and Conditions have been created to minimise any disturbance during your holiday. 

By making a booking, you agree to being bound by the most recent Terms and Conditions which are subject to change without notice.

Pineapple Farm Holidays LTD is one of the businesses forming Pineapple Estate and for the avoidance of doubt all liability associated with any booking or stay rests solely with Pineapple Farm Holidays Ltd. 



A pitch is only available for the length of stay booked and reserved when secured by a deposit and full payment made at least 14 days prior to arrival. The only variation is by special agreement with the Pineapple Farm Holidays management (the management). 

An extension to any booked period must be prior agreed with the management whose decision is final. 


The campsite is for guests and visitors aged 18 years and over only. When booking, you agree that all members of your party are at least 18 years of age. Proof may be required. No persons under 18 years of age are permitted on the campsite area. Failure to observe this clause will result in your entire party being requested to vacate the site. No refund will be considered.

We limit group bookings, to help keep the site quiet & peaceful for all guests. A maximum of 4 people can book onto a pitch. 

A group can book up to 3 pitches, with a maximum of 6 people across all 3 pitches. 


If a cancellation is made:

If you cancel thirty-one days or more prior to the first day of your booking and you have paid a deposit for services that have not been provided to you, Pineapple Farm Holidays Ltd will refund such deposit to you minus £10 administration fee.


If you cancel between fifteen days and thirty days prior to the first day of your booking your deposit is non-refundable. Therefore Pineapple Farm Holidays Ltd will retain 50% of the cost of your booking.


If you cancel fourteen days or less prior to the first day of your booking your total full payment is non-refundable. Therefore Pineapple Farm Holidays Ltd will retain 100% of the cost of your booking.


If, at the sole discretion of management, or if instructed by authorised body, such that the campsite or certain pitches are closed and this results in the cancellation of your booking, a full refund will be offered with the liability limited to the value of that booking only.



Campsite Pitches will be available from 14:00. Except by prior agreement, we ask for guest(s) to be pitched by 20:00 at the latest for the comfort of others on the Campsite. 



All camping pitches must be vacated by 11:00 on day of departure unless specifically agreed otherwise with the management. Late departure may result in additional charges at management discretion.


At all times, you are required to leave the pitch clean and tidy. All rubbish, dog fouling, wastewater and chemical waste, must be disposed of as directed by site notices. 


For camping pitches and van awnings, please ensure you remove all tent pegs as they damage our lawn mower. Such damage may be re-charged.


Whilst we endeavour to allocate requested camping pitches, we reserve the right to vary this for whatever reasons.


Cars, caravans, awnings, tents, etc., must be contained within the pitch reserved and are parked solely at the owner’s risk.


In the event of Pineapple Farm Holidays Ltd being requested or required to tow a guests or visitors vehicle and or trailer and or caravan, the guest or visitor accepts full responsibility for any damage, however caused, to the said vehicle, trailer or caravan and acknowledges that Pineapple Farm Holidays Ltd and or any other business or individuals associated with the wider Pineapple Estate will not be liable under any circumstances.


Commercial vehicles are not allowed. Exceptions may be made for small vans if agreed with management at time of booking.


Pineapple Farm Holidays Ltd is responsible for the safety of the electrical system up to the socket on the hook-up points at the pitch. There is a maximum power loading on each pitch’s electrical outlet of 16A. It is the responsibility of the lead guest to ensure they do not exceed this loading, and to ensure that the plug, cable and associated sockets used to connect between the hook-up point up to and including guest’s unit are safe. Failure to do so will deem the guest financially liable for any damage caused to either Pineapple Farm Holidays Ltd.’s equipment or that of other guests. Pineapple Farm Holidays Ltd will not be liable for any accident or loss arising from the use of unsuitable or unsafe electrical equipment connected to Pineapple Farm Holidays Ltd hook-up point.


The use of gas cylinders of a capacity greater than 15kg is not recommended. 


Under no circumstances will the use of generators be permitted. 


You will be responsible for any loss or damage, however caused by any member of your party, including animals, to the property of other guests or any business on Pineapple Estate and its tenants or visitors. In such circumstances, Pineapple Farm Holidays Ltd will not be held liable in any way.


Please be respectful of other guests at all times. Disturbance to other guests, or offensive or threatening behavior to other guests, tenants or visitors of Pineapple Estate, or members of staff, or management, will not be tolerated and may result in the entire party being instructed to vacate the site. In such circumstances no refund will be considered.


Quiet must be observed between 22:00 and 07:00 for the consideration of others.


Whilst quiet music is allowed within your unit, this must be at a volume not to cause disturbance to fellow guests, or neighbouring residents.


The site is not suitable for party activities. We reserve the right to refuse booking of parties or if you are on site, you may be asked to leave. In such circumstances, there will be no refund.


Barbecues and firepits may be used providing they are raised above ground level. All fires must be deemed safe by the management and in any case extinguished by 22:00.

Wood must be purchased from Pineapple Farm Holidays Ltd onsite shop. 

  Charcoal must not be used in our complementary fire pits.

Dogs must be kept on leads in the camping area at all times and owners are responsible for the disposal of ALL fouling.

 Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 - must be adhered too.

Up to 5 well behaved dogs can stay on each pitch booked. Dogs can be added to a booking, for an additional fee. 

CCTV monitors the access to the campsite for security reasons. 


For the avoidance of doubt, the definition of a lead guest is the person who has made the booking or who has consented to being responsible for a party of guests.


If whilst you are on site it is discovered that you have any additional chargeable items forming part of your booking you will be charged for these for the full duration of your stay.

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