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Studio, office, workshop and warehouse rental. Ranging from under 300 sqft to over 3000 sqft. 

Our units were originally converted from farm buildings. The result being a wide range of rental sizes, fit for an array of purposes. We have created spaces for companies from various industries such as food manufacturers, carpenters, mechanics, charities and marketing firms. 


A recent study by London's Natural History Museum revealed, the UK is in the lowest 10% for biodiversity in the world. A daunting figure to comprehend.

The importance of looking after the environment is becoming increasingly prominent for the individual, as well as business. With future government legislation looking to encompass carbon calculation, to achieve "net zero" GHG by 2050. In preparation, we're developing and growing our environmental initiatives now. Not only altering land management techniques but also adopting robust data capture mechanisms in preparation. 

The aim being, to protect and encourage the nature surrounding us, but also increasing carbon sequestration as a form of financial risk mitigation for business. Our long term objective is to work with the businesses on site, to spread the benefits of our environmental initiatives.

Carbon sequestration and calculation is a diverse and complicated project. To ensure we adopt the right practices for the land, time is needed.

However, we already have environmental projects & practices in place. Including renewable energy, 23 hectares of land in environmental stewardship schemes and adoption of low intensity farming. 

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